An exceptionally versatile artist, Colette has produced a richly varied body of work over the past forty years.  Utilizing a wide range of techniques, materials, and formats – including jewelry, oil and alkyd on canvas, and sculpture – Colette has created a series of highly evocative images that tend to suggest more than they describe.  Since the late 1980s her dazzling cloisonné abstractions which she calls ‘ideograms’ and ‘pictograms’ have become increasingly spare and ideosyncratic.

Colette’s great affinity for animals informs every aspect of her work and gives shape to her highly spiritual vision.  Abstract images of animals – particularly ravens and cats –recur throughout her work.  Similarly, calligraphic symbols often appear, suggesting words and meanings in some archaic and elusive language.  The artist combines these mysterious signs and symbol in an effort to lead the viewer and/or the wearer to a deeper understanding of themselves and a richer experience of the world.

Born in Oakland, California in 1937, Colette has been exploring cloisonné enameling technique since the early 1970s.  Self taught in all of the art forms she has worked with, she received a California State teaching credential in 1977.  From 1986 to 1990 she served as a trustee on the American Craft Council and in 1998 was appointed Trustee Emeritus.

Her work has been featured in numerous important museum and gallery exhibitions,  and is also represented in the collections of The Oakland Museum of California; the Philadelphia Museum of Art; The Museum of Arts and Design, New York; Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington: Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario, Canada and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, to name but a few.

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